This Must Be The Place (Cover)

Hey co-creators!

Here we are on another Tuesday with another new Youtube video. This one is one of my favourite covers. My favourite. Ever. I love the original song by Talking Heads. They just lock into a groove, and from that simple place they can swell and shrink and swell again with phenomenal energy and joy.

My version here is more stripped-down. Me and my guitar (and my guitar, looped). When I can remember all the lyrics, this one goes off like a firework :)

I won't be releasing the audio for this one to you patrons because I don't own the rights to this song. Copyright stuff. But I DO hope to post a well-produced version of this in the new year that you'll be able to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and 'the google' whenever you like.

Get your dancing shoes on, and if you have a good time, share this video with a at least one person. It's those little shares that make an incredible amount of difference.

And if you want to watch to originators have a ball with this tune, head over here ...