Thinking Back on #JusticeYEG


A call for submissions is always a terrifying leap into the unknown. Especially when the deadline fast approaches. Especially when the theme is difficult or narrow. How would artists respond to issues of justice – especially local justice. What type of work would emerge? Would it be strong work? Would submissions function well as art, inviting us into a hospitable conversation and wrestling, or would they be too didactic and ‘preachy’?
With #JusticeYEG: The Gallery I felt afraid for all of those reasons, plus the fact that we, Bleeding Heart Art Space, were pairing up with a brand new event, #JusticeYEG, and we could predict little about who would attend and how it would all turn out.

My fears, as usual, were a waste of energy. #JusticeYEG: The Gallery brought together excellent work from 8 artists. Thanks to the Bleeding Heart Arts Lead, Grace Law, the show was a stellar success. Special walls were brought in to hang the work, and three musicians (Darren Day, Venessa B and Passburg) provided ambiance for our Friday night opening. With well over a hundred conference attendees, the Gallery got a good viewing. In the future, I’d love to see the Gallery space open to the public, so that even more people can experience the work. We’ll see what we can do.

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