Poem 23

You tell me that you lived in darkness for a dozen years–how 

you couldn’t face your life anymore 

–all the hope had drained from your face


A woman came to pray for you and it was like the flipping of s switch 

Your speech speeds up now 

You take on new energy and glow

There is a peace blanketing the room

There is a parting of veils 

You are so much younger now 



You tell me that this woman was Jesus for you

how Jesus came and now your face is full of hope again 

My own face mirrors your smile 


Tears are glistening in the corners of your eyes now

Your words break apart

The healing runs so deep that your heart is pierced 

when you testify all these years later


I see the light that you see for a moment

I had forgotten I could remember it–sunbeam pure


There are two miracles here

What you tell me and

that I believe you

Photo from UnSplash by Marcus Dall Col