Poem 14

There are always more people who see the problem than
People who will fix it

There are always prophets
And some are worth listening to

There are always more ideas than inventions
More conceptions than births

More misconceptions, always, than truths
Because, while truths exist, they are few

Hurt people are always hurting people
Some truths are ugly that way

There is always a reason to give up because fear–
Fear is never hard to understand

There are always old people wishing they were young people
Telling young people to grow up

I am afraid that if my children grow up too fast
they will wake up dreamless

Right now, somebody is breathing for the last time, 
just as a seed is planted

Every night people are sleeping alone or having lonely sex
while in some other bedroom a star explodes  

Former loves are glaring hatred across a lawyer’s cherry table
While newlyweds board a Sunwing flight to Mexico, all-inclusive

Nothing is ever all-inclusive
We are always conceiving new ways to exclude

There are ins and there are outs and there are always consequences
Too much is riding on a coin flip


The Bible told me there is a season for everything
but forgot to mention that every season is right now
Everything is happening always
In all ways
At all times
Eternity folding back upon itself
until there is a moment small enough to stand on


There is always a moment