NaPoWriMo #17 - It’s The Little Things





It’s The Little Things


Like a bullet in an old drawer long forgotten

Like a criminal who’s grown too tired to run

Like a prayer can start out sweet but then go rotten

Like a poison thorn dug deep within your thumb


It’s the little things

that matter

It’s the little steps

we take


There’s a moment I’d return to if could now

There’s a word that I would keep inside my mouth

There’s a switch along the track that led me wayward

But the train of time – it never turns around


It’s the little things

that matter

It’s little moves

we make

It’s the little things 

that matter

It’s the little cracks

that break 


Break us all apart

Is this who we really are?


It’s a sharpened blade of grass beneath my bare foot

How a minor chord can make me come alive

It’s the father who could die just from a bee sting

It’s the way my Lord can take his precious time


It’s the little things

that get me

It’s the little turns

of the blade

It’s the little love

we offer

It’s the little seed

of faith