NaPoWriMo #16 - In The Long Line Outside Canadian Tire





In The Long Line Outside Canadian Tire


A man races from his parked car, 

Chasing a receipt across the asphalt

Towards the socially distanced line 

Of humans barely holding it together


He bends down to grab it 

As the wind whips it up from his hands and 

Three more feet towards us and

We can barely hold it together


This blur of tie-die and cargo shorts 

Giggles, jumps up and darts forward, 

Catching the tiny paper under his foot – almost

How long can we hold it together?


Two in our line break the tension

Grab the receipt – hold it down 

Until he meets them, inches away

They are all holding it, together




He giggles one last time 

heads back to his car, and turns to explain

“Don’t want to litter!”


He is trying to hold so much together