NaPoWriMo #1 - When the Needle Surrenders

When the needle surrenders to the groove
There is a new song

Or is it an old song 
Played for the first time on this Emerson console?

Christmas With Harry Belafonte

Folsom Prison

Made new by
Warp tuning
Crackle and hiss
Harmonizing with electric hum

Even the house joins the chorus
The electrician who once visited to ground the unsafe outlets
The seventies wood paneling painted over
Antiseptic white
The painter, stretching what she has to bring a little light
The paint counter clerk who brushed her hand while passing her the receipt
Back when we might accidentally touch

Back when

Back when

Back when

Back when

There is no rummaging through records now
No Rolodex of rhythms
No wide world of wax

We are freed from the burden of choice
We all sing our parts in this new groove
Or lift, silent

We are all the needle