Listen Local: The Royal Foundry

It’s hard to imagine not having already mentioned The Royal Foundry in this Listen Local series, but here we are.

The Royal Foundry hold a special, weird place in my musical heart.

I don’t listen to a lot of pop, dance or electronic music. But I’m powerless against the magnetic hooks and dynamic production of Jared and Bethany Salte’s electro-pop duo.

I have yet to see them live (they have no local dates listed currently). I imagine it takes some work to pull off a Royal Foundry set on stage. And some extra bandmates. Perhaps its for the best, as I can keep my dance moves confined to the privacy of my living room.

If you are feeling a little down (yesterday was Blue Monday after all), get in the roller rink with The Royal Foundry in this video for Lost In Your Head.

If you need to release some angst, pull up their latest single Don’t Know and let loose.

You’re welcome.