Listen Local: Soft March

Soft March – today’s Listen Local pick – have just put out a ton of music. They’ve been working hard this past month, and I should know because Soft March is my other musical adventure.

I joined Soft March in the spring of 2018. At that point they’d released their debut album, Farewell Party, which I had nothing to do with but had already been getting into. The songwriting is strong and Paul Jensen’s vocals add a texture that keeps things interesting.

Since Farewell Party, Rachel Gleddie has moved on while bass player (and cowriter, and recording engineer, and designer, and …) Joel Kleine and drummer Tanner Oncuil remain. And now me.

The recent batch of recordings include some Christmas music and early demos from Farewell Party tunes with some new life via Tanner and myself. These are the first Soft March recordings I appear on and hearing them makes me pretty happy.

I hope these songs make you happy too. Even the song Ain’t Happy.

Listen to our cover of Bruce Cockburn’s Shepherds here. All proceeds from streams and sales go to support Edmonton’s Mosaic Centre, a local charity.

Find all Soft March music on Spotify here, or in the player embedded in this post.