Listen Local: Lora Jol

Today’s Listen Local pick has become a good friend and collaborator.

I first saw Lora Jol play at a community farmer’s market, which pretty much sums up Lora Jol. She uses her talent to grow and strengthen community, and she brings positivity wherever she goes.

I’ve since been lucky enough to work with Lora Jol on several projects. You’ll find her singing backups for me on my video for Be Good To My Heart.

Other than being super-fun to collaborate with, Lora Jol writes a great melody. She can dish out melancholy to linger inside for a long while, like on See You Soon. She can turn on a dime and get your toes tapping with a song like Heart-Shaped Rock.

Lora Jol’s last album came out in 2014, but new material is on the way. In the meantime Lora sings for Calgary-based Blue Serenade, and has been been collaborating with me on a new cover of WHAM!’s Last Christmas!

LAST CHRISTMAS Coming December 1!

Our cover comes out December 1 and I hope it makes its way to your Christmas parties, tree-decorating nights and gingerbread-marathons.

Pre-save Last Christmas right here, right now.

In addition to streaming services, you can get Lora Jol’s music on Bandcamp.