Listen Local: Hail Taxi

Today’s Listen Local pick first blipped on my radar during the Heart of the City festival last summer. Or was it Make Music Edmonton? Hail Taxi gets around.

The man behind Hail Taxi is Nathaniel Sutton and he’s a real sweetheart who favours the same vintage Shure microphone as me in performances. So it makes sense that we’ll be collaborating very soon. How soon? February 25 – for the next edition of Songs From Home! I’ll also be opening for Nathaniel’s CD release in May.

In the meantime, I’ll share a couple of tracks for you to dig into.

Magic Spark is Hail Taxi’s latest, and perfectly showcases Sutton’s voice – somehow deep, brooding and gentle all at once. I love the central idea of this one as well. Not disimilar to Angel – my track releasing February 26.

Mount Robson is a gorgeous instrumental with the best guitar harmonies I’ve heard in a long, long while.

Find all of Hail Taxi’s music on Spotify at and Bandcamp at

And tune in February 25 on Facebook live when Hail Taxi will be the featured artist on my live concert series, Songs From Home.