Life’s mysteries (a list)

Predict something will happen 

and it is more likely to happen


Some days are write-offs


Some people are liars because contradictions 

cannot hold true

Some contradictions hold true


Bitterness spreads more easily than joy


Lids will always disappear


People get healed miraculously

People do not get healed miraculously


Socks will always disappear

(it is hard to keep things together when they belong together)


There is a wrong side of the bed


Good things happen to bad people

Bad people happen to good people


Some people go bad


Every living thing can be redeemed


Many truths cannot be proven

Sunshine makes the heart smile and 

that pumping fist controls emotions


There is no scientific link 

between the heart and emotions




You will love your children so much you cannot stand 

to have them around

until they are not around


Dogs have a soul


When you become sure of your faith,

you have lost it


You must increase your faith


Flowers always point to heaven

A single leaf is infinitely complex


The ocean floor


Every single thing (if you pay attention)