Life raft

I want to be the guy who pulls things off

that should not work anymore

poems that rhyme and stories with endings

maybe even happy endings 



I want to melt butter in a saucepan

Not margarine. Not microwave. 

I want bow ties that untie and good table manners


I want awkward hellos with strangers

I want to tell you that a good amount of the time moustaches and aviator sunglasses are just ugly  

not ironically cool

Screw irony anyways

I want to be sincere

I even want to be earnest  



I want to be wise and stay foolish enough to belive

Even in Jesus


I want to lay across the life raft of a paradox

whle the tide goes out 

And stay inside my raft like an island on the sunny sand

People will walk by and call me foolish 

because I will look foolish

But I have not forgotten how the tides work

How this good earth is anchored to the sun

and anchors the moon

How, come the darkness, there will be an ocean again