If there is still music

I click my signal, make the turn while my son nearly gasps 

He’s just read that cars all had cassette decks in the past


There must have been some moment on some road when I learned, too

that old cars had an 8 track – some format I barely knew


Long before that moment my dad’s father would explain

that cars once had no radio

no chorus, no refrain


Back yet another 30 years his dad would tell him how

there was no car out on the farm to get them into town

but horses were not new to his father, or his before  

For centuries and centuries, millennia and more


For ages we moved slowly and brought forth our own clear songs

Ages we could understand and pass that torch along 


I wonder how my son will turn to his in 20 years  

explaining how music once had to travel through the ears


if there is still music

if there are still sons