Good Things to Help You Make Other Good Things

For me, fall is always a time for creativity. As I'm spending more time indoors, making things keeps me from wasting away in front of Netflix. If you've got the creative itch too – or need a creative kick-start – you'll find plenty of inspiration in this week's list of three Good Things.

Thing To Listen To: Future Islands X Wayne White

I came across Future Islands' latest alt-rock jam by way of one of my favourite artists, Wayne White. White is the subject of the joyous documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing, and it was there I learned he was responsible for much of the weirdo-aesthetic of Pee-Wee's Playhouse. He's a folk artist and puppeteer, and brings those talents to the video for Future Islands' Born In A War. There is just SO MUCH creativity on display here and the distinct vocal style is becoming more awesome with every listen.

Listen and watch here.

Thing To Use: Words That (Almost) Rhyme

As a songwriter, I began leaning into rhyming dictionaries a few years ago. There are many good ones online – all just a Google search away. B-Rhymes is a little different because it answers your searches with *near-*rhymes. I often find near-rhymes to be more interesting in songs, poetry and really any writing. They are surprising and often depend of creative phrasing to work. Even if you aren't a writer I think you'll have fun finding rhymes that almost rhyme with your word or choice. For example, wouldn't it be fun making "Good Things" rhyme with "Benjamins" or "wood nymph"?

B-Rhymes is also available for iPhone and Android. Take it for a spin at

Thing To Look At: Jazz Letters

I'm not only a graphic designer – I'm a design nerd. Especially if we're talking mid-century modern design. Especially if we're talking typography.

I was so happy to discover an article by Reagan Ray who begins by asserting that "The history of the album cover and show poster begins with jazz". Ray then goes on to show dozens of choice examples of type extracted from classic jazz album covers. The results are gorgeous, and super-inspiring. I'll be coming back here often.�

Visit the treasure-trove of Jazz Letters here.