Good Things to Capture Your Heart

Good Things to Capture Your Heart

Thing To Listen To: This Must Be Shawn Colvin’s Place

This week I was putting together a great big playlist of my favourite love songs of all time. Part of the process was reading lists of “best love songs” online and seeing what stuck for me. Another part was asking for your suggestions on social media. One of you threw out the Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – one of my favourite songs, and favourite songs to play, of all time. I never thought of this as a love song before, but yeah. Totally. Especially when Shawn Colvin plays it.

The plucky strings, Colvin’s smoke-smoothe vocals and slightly varied chords really work in this cover version that pulls off the near impossible – change the original drastically without losing its beating heart.

This may be my favourite cover of this song. But it’s still hard to top the original live performance from Byrne and company in their film Stop Making Sense.

Few thigns bring me more joy than watching David Byrne dance with that lamp.

Von Bieker presents Be Still My Heart

Another Thing To Listen To: Be Still My Heart – A New Playlist

About that playlist I mentioned – I’ve been listening to these love songs a lot this week as I prep for Saturday’s Hearts Go Zoom concert. I gotta say, there can never be enough solid love songs.

Listen to Be Still My Heart on Spotify here

Even better – follow the playlist and you’ll get any future changes automagically!

What favourite love song of yours needs to be added to this list?

Thing to See: Stunning Starlings

Starlings fly in incredible formations of thousands (hundreds of thousands!) and I’ve never seen this captured better than in the images and videos of Danish photographer Søren Solkær.

The images featured in this recent profile from Wired magazine are absolutely breathtaking, rare and precious — like true love.

His work was also featured in this video by National Geographic.

You can pick up Søren Solkær’s gorgeous book Black Sun on his online store. Even if you don’t buy, take a few minutes to browse. Wow.