Good Things to Build Your Nest

Good Things to Build Your Nest

This week I'm thinking a lot about gathering. Some times we give birth to wonderful new things, and the rest of our lives we are preparing. Gathering. Building a nest in anticipation of new life. The key to gathering is paying attention. Keeping the doors and windows wide open so good things can enter in. I've tried to do that this week and here are some beautiful things I've found for your nest.

Thing to Listen To: A Piano Concert from Chris Abrahams

This online performance is a real gem. Chris Abraham plays some gorgeous, contemplative and inspiring piano here and you can watch in for free anytime you like. The production is ... simple. But that doesnt' matter at all.

Thing To See: Chuck Sperry's Color x Color

Chuck Sperry has designed posters for the world's biggest bands over a career spanning decades. His posters – an explosion of psychodelic design and colour – are now collected in the book Color X Color. Take a wide-eyed-gander over at High Fructose.

Thing To Watch: Documentary Mania

Documentary Mania is an incredible treasure trove of documentaries you can watch for free online. Right now. For free. These aren't just small films you've never heard of (though there are likely to be plenty you haven't heard of here). You'll find the excellent musical mystery Searching for Sugarman. The street art masterpiece Exit Through The Gift Shop is there. The breathtaking Man On Wire will wow you if you haven't seen that yet. You can browse the colleciton by Art, Culture, History, Medicine, Nature, Science and Technology. It's a wonderful place so plan your watchlist here.