Good Things Not To Waste

This week's list of Good Things should not go to waste. We have a classic song, recycled. There are food scraps, saved. Finally, decades of IKEA catalogs rescued from the trash bin.

Thing to Hear: Right Down The Line

I'm not acquainted with the deep cuts of Bonnie Raitt, but the songs I do know are some of the most beautiful I've heard. I Can't Make You Love Me? Just try not to get goosebumps. It's always daunting to cover someone with a delivery as soulful as Raitt's so I was extra-impressed by Sam Evian's cover of her grooving love song Right Down The Line.

If you've never heard of Sam Evian before, groove is really only word you need to know. He's a master of groove and retro sounds. For evidence, look no further than this cover.

You can find more magic from Sam Evian at

I'm especially enamored with his 2016 album, Premium. Bandwidth well spent.

Things to Eat:

Food waste is a major problem here in North America – even moreso as we are trying to go out less and save more money during a pandemic. is full of tips to stretch your provisions. There are tips on meal planning and food storage. Then there are the recipes.

SaveTheFood features some great-sounding recipes for using up food scraps. You may want to try the more conventional Ugly Vegetable Pasta or experiment with the genius Leftover Pumpkin Pie and Turkey Curry paired with Leftover Mashed Potato Apple Cider Donuts for desert in the days following Thanksgiving.

Discover these scrap-saving recipes at

Thing to See: IKEA Kataloger

As a fan of mid-century design AND a life-long IKEA shopper, this website is pure eye candy.

View 70 years of IKEA Catalogs - all the way back to 1950. Start your adventure at

Just look at this living room spread from 1967 and you're realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same.