Good Things for Your Eyes and Ears

Good Things for Your Eyes and Ears

Here's are this week's fruits of paying attention.

Thing To Hear: New Music From Hayden Desser

I've been a fan of Hayden Desser (formerly he was simply 'Hayden') since his mid-90's lo-fi hit "As Bad As They Seem". I'm so happy to hear new music from him, especially a song as thoughtful and beautiful as Make Believe.

Like so much of Hayden's music, this track inspires me to go out and make more music of my own. To try new sounds. To give up on perfection in favour of authenticity.

Hayden made the video at home with a green blanket as a readymade green-screen. I'd recommend carving out a few minutes to site quietly and let this wash over you. It's mesmorizing in the best way.

Thing to Watch: The Joy of Discovery

Do you remember the time you heard the beat of Billie Jean for the first time? The piano that opens John Lennon's Imagine? Those sparse opening vocals on Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You?

There was a time when you'd never heard those songs.

Just think about that.

I'm a little addicted to TwinsthenewTrend – a Youtube channel where two young brothers react to iconic songs as they hear them for the first time. Their wonder is an infectious reminder of the power of music.

The video that got me hooked was their reaction to Phil Colllins' In The Air Tonight. I had goosebumps as that epic drum beat approached near the end of the song. I love watching them, having no idea what's about to hit them, and then literally jumping from their seats with excitement.

Then there's their reaction to Hozier's Take Me To Church - "why'd that song make me hurt ... like I did something wrong?"

Honestly, watch this video and try to deny their joy and charisma.

Thing To See: Beautiful Stamps

There's been a lot of talk about the US Postal Service this week.

Rather than enter the political fray, let's celebrate the beauty brought to us by stamps. Specifically, the organic images on Ruth Asawa's original 2020 stamp series.

It's hard to imagine a privatized postal service giving a platform to artists in this way.

Value the intangibles, friends.