Good Things for Imaginary Journeys

I've been finding good things in the world and I'd like to share them with you here each week. These posts will be free for all to enjoy, starting next week will come a lil' early for Patrons.

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Road Trip The World

This is SO COOL. Drive And Listen is a website that let's you pretend you're driving in major cities around the world, blaring the local radio. Essentially, the site combines dashcam footage from a car driving the city streets with live radio station feeds and, if you want to add realism, ambient street noise.

Take a drive in Berlin, Madrid, LA, Paris and so many more at

I just spend a few minutes 'driving' Berlin behind a cool car I've never seen called a Volkswagen UP! while "One Night In Bangkok" blasted from "Berliner Rundfunk". Next I was in Manhattan listening to NPR. Finally, I took a trip to the narrow streets of Paris, motor-skooters zipping past me on the single lane streets.

Honestly, it's hard to describe how cool this is, especially at a time when we can't actually get out and see the world. This has been a great reminder of how creative people can be and how much joy little things can bring.

Put Tape On The World

So much weirdness has popped up during the pandemic that it's hard to take it all in. We need documentation so we can show our grandkids how crazy this all was, in the most mundane of ways.

Enter Tape_Measures.

This Instragram account shares photos of tape being used to block off spaces for social distancing around the world. That's it.

I find some of these "tape measures" resourceful, and many just ridiculous. Because the times they are ridiculous.

Feast your eyes on Tape_Measures here –

Walk To The Weird Trees

The Odditree Society has been cataloging the "odd trees" of Austin, TX since 2013, creating charming walking guides.

You can view one of their guides online here –

You'll meet odd trees like Tree Frog – who appears to have bulging eyes – and Herbert the Oak with his adorable hippo-face.
I'm sure there are some weird trees near you. All you have to do is go out and pay attention.


There's still plenty of good in the world friends. Go out and find it.