Missing after a frantic week

I cannot find my passport

This city won’t be letting go of me after all

My brother says he feels betrayed

That I would trade my sonic boom parks for his vast wilderness


Summer after summer he perches in towers watching for fires in the hinterland  

Setting his sights on nothing in particular 

While I sit on the condo board with residents planning to Install a new sprinkler system

The president resigns over this, but remains candidate for the sub committee on safety

little king


This city won’t be lost if I turn tail and run

or walk out boldly

But I ignore post-secondary plans

I avoid purpose

I plunder my inheritance


Are you planning to come home


I am sure we could find some historic building to gentrify

Some fifedom to conquer

Some pathetic path to trod

Our step in stride


At least we will have this

from mouth to ear

without some sterile app to connect