Brings Me Flowers

You say that God is love

and of course you are right

but don’t assume that to mean God is only love

as if I were only fear

as if I were only doubt

as if I were only kind

or only cruel


I am all of these at once and none of these at any given moment.  


God is love, sure

but do not get confused and tell me that love is God

the difference is a universe



Let me explain

you could fit all of love inside of God, though you might have to wedge and sqeeze  

love will fit


try the inverse and fail

You’ll never squeeze all of God into love  

love will blow up large and burst

love is never large enough


can you imagine that? 

a country so vast as Love, too small to house someone?


but I am told God is larger now than when I wrote “You say that God is love” 

and larger now again. Expanding always into omnipresence. Into eternity. 


all of this theology tires me

the truth of it is that I am fine with a God who brings me flowers.